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Auto Insurance

New players have entered the Auto insurance marketplace with the goal of finding a “best” price “savings” and ”comparison”. While this may work for the technicaly savvy, please “beware” of auto insurance quotes that appear to offer an upfront savings. Sites like,,, are great examples and we need to be careful. Since these sites are lead generation tools, you must be sure you know what to look out for when getting quotes for auto insurance and speaking with a representative.

First, auto liability coverage limits are as required by your state. Typical minimum limits are $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident on bodily injury and $25,000 in property damage. Furthermore companies will use many factors to calculate the rates. Such as age, marital status, zipcode, past driving record, past claims and type of car you are driving. Other coverages rated by these factors are Personal Injury Protection, Basic Economic Loss, Underinsured, and uninsured motorists.

For Rates see

Beware of auto insurace low liability limits offered as a cost savings!

You may want a higher limit to protect your savings and other financial assets should you cause an accident. In addition, Medical bills and car repairs are incredibly expensive, and a split second could be the difference between a normal day and the beginning of bankruptcy. Some of these representatives may offer you lower limits to get those savings.

Second, auto insurance coverage for Comprehensive and Collision Coverage is not legally mandated by your state, although may be required if you take out a lease or loan on your vehicle. Again there are many factors that determine these rates. Such as age, marital status, zipcode, past driving record, past claims and type of car you are driving. In addition, so will the cost of the vehicle and deductible.

Deductibles Beware!

After you receive your “auto quote” check the deductible amount for comprehensive and collision coverage. Often a bait and switch technique used by agents. They offer you a higher deductible to lower the premium.

Vehicle Usage!

Lastly before paying the premium and signing on the dotted or digital line, make sure that everything on the quote is correct, name, address, vehicle identification number, date of birth, license number, marital status, and vehicle usage. Any of these items could be entered wrong that could generate both a higher or lower prices.

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